Schedule an Introductory “How To Get Better” session

During this introductory conference, Rodney will work with you to:

  • Identify the “4%” options that will generate the best results
  • Uncover the hidden patterns that an sabotage your effort to get to the next level
  • Leave the session with improved strategies for getting the results you want.

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The Promise:
Have you ever had someone who is solidly in your camp with expertise and experience to assist you in getting very clear on what’s working and isn’t, and help you develop the creative solutions for addressing what’s critical in your job?  Someone who’s worked around the world, with literally thousands of people.  Someone to bring all that is in their brain and experience to bear on your behalf?  That’s what you get with Dr. Rodney Brim.  That’s the promise and the possibilities are enormous. – Ecclesiastes 4.9: “Two people are better than one, because they can reap more benefit from their labor / help each other succeed.

Work with Us

How do you fix a failed M&A? One that has already had consultants working on the project for one year with no significant progress?


How do you create an innovative award winning User Interface for a next generation technology product in 90 days?  One that was awarded one of the top 20 “cool products of the year” in  2010?


How do you create a new tablet in the market when past efforts were unsuccessful?  And just to add to the challenge, the product life cycle is a minimum of 18 months, but you only have 9 months to work with…

Clients Reflections

Thomas Rozof, CEO Social Media Science

Tom Rozof

“Rodney is one of the smartest and most insightful people I’ve come to know over my years in business. He cares about people… listens well… offers constructive advice, and most of all he sees the big picture and is able to identify critical potential trouble spots that others often do not see. His solutions are always strategically thought out and based on the many questions he will ask you before he ever offers any advice.”

Christian von Reventlow, SVP

Christian von Reventlow

“Rodney was a great help in the turnaround of our group. As a result of clear goals, established accountability plus real tracking of progress the performance skyrocketed. And his critical reasoning skills allow him to find creative solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems. Greatly appreciated.”

Marty Green, past CEO Stackhouse, Inc.


“Rodney is one of the brightest guys I know and super creative in helping you see business and people options you never thought of… and is quite willing to jump in and help you get the job done.”