About Rodney Brim, Ph.D.


I’ve been blessed. I’m living this multi-stage career starting with enjoying working as a clinical psychologist for the first 20 years of my career in the LA area, then for the last 20 years I’ve split my time between:

  • Working as a management consultant with organizations like Warner Bros, Nokia, Citicorp, TRW, Atlantic Richfield Co. and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  An endeavor which has afforded me the opportunity to work all over the world consulting in the areas of management systems and project technology to improve performance, and applied 80/20 theory.  It’s been challenging and fun to help organizations as large as the United Nations and major players in the telcom, health care, entertainment and chip manufacturing business, as well as small businesses, development the management systems and successfully make the shifts needed to successfully clear their growth hurdles, and
  • Leading a boutique software company, Performance Solutions Technology, in the development and delivery of ManagePro software as a management technology solution.

Although I’ve worked (and been groomed) for the first half of my career as a psychologist, and then during the second half as a consultant and CEO of a software company (it turns out they aren’t all that different), my story is just as much defined by the things I’ve learned to do, by the grace of God, to survive my first piano recital, two airplane crashes, one near drowning and three episodes of cancer, not to mention solving seemingly impossible business projects.   In one way it all boils down to being able to listen and evaluate speedily what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s just noise, and then get on with making the needed course corrections.

My intuitiveness, at times a death and life skill, leans towards the ability to quickly see what the truth is in a situation and come up with and act on creative options to improve on what’s current. It’s particularly rewarding to do it with others as they search for freeing options to successfully thread their way through work and personal constraints, while truly expressing who they are and using their gifts and talents. If this is something I can help you with, then let’s schedule a call today to see if there is a fit.

On a more personal note, I spent part of my childhood going to a one room school-house, and realized pretty early in life I like to learn, like the growing edge, and to help people do things better. In fact having things not go as well as they could, has always been a bit of a rock in my shoe.  “Why settle when you can have more?” is often a driver for me.  My interests range from playing jazz (played trombone with Benny Goodman as a college student), to flying my airplane and fishing. Mostly it seems to resolve around the opportunity to be creative, explore the truth about what works, following the dream, opportunities to make an impact, wanting to be authentic in everything I do, integrating Christianity with life, interacting with long term friends and enjoying my wife, Patti.

In this site I’m providing an entre to begin a conversation with you about the potential of working together to improve the organization you work in, or your business. I’ve added a few easy to consume, video perspectives on managing the challenges that emerge at work. Invariably that involves some mix of people, information and systems. Hope you find it very helpful and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss what you would like to accomplish and how to help you get there.