Consulting Services

What if in six months you could generate $40mm in savings, 100% improvement in quality, accelerate time to market by over 30%, and reduce time spent in meetings by 50%? Rodney’s been there, helped executives do just that and more.

Or what if the issues aren’t as defined.  You’d just like to get to “better”; to better results, outcomes, profitability or maybe work-life balance.  Regardless, making the shift necessary to get to “better” is a challenge for everyone.  We come along side and help you make that shift (both personally and organizationally).  It’s a lot easier than doing it by yourself.

You know what it’s like to turn performance around, to toss and turn at night, because it can be such an uphill climb to make the changes necessary to get those better results, not to mention negotiate and navigate through the people issues that emerge. If budgets are tight it gets even worse, because your bench is usually thin and there’s even more need to get the best out of your people.

While we have an entire toolbox of people, process and technology tools to help you turn it up, the key to our methodology and success in helping others is to:

  1. Get clarity on what’s working and what isn’t,
  2. Construct expanded creative solutions, then
  3. Accurately identify, focus and execute on the 4%, and
  4. Build and respond to robust feedback loops.

We focus there, because these are the two biggest reasons why executives fail or stagnate their career, and along with learning to leverage human nature and uncertainty, are the building blocks for knocking performance out of the park.

By 4% we are referring to the square of the 80/20 rule.  Essentially stating that out of 100 options and initiatives you could focus on, only 4% have the capacity to generate the majority (2/3rds) of your results.  The key is to know which initiatives represent the 4% and to see those efforts through to conclusion in a manner that invokes strong critical thinking, creativity and effective, best effort.  Please see our blog category of 80/20 for more information.

By feedback loops, we are referring to creating a validation and course correction system that helps you fine tune your initiatives and approaches based upon the results generated.  Results that range from dollars and things measured by numbers, to interpersonal and political impact.  Please see our blog on How to succeed for a brief narrative on feedback loops.

Rodney’s skills and background as a business owner, consultant and psychologist give him an uncanny ability to help you break through existing barriers and emerge on the positive side of new options. In fact one of the most frequent retrospective comments of working with Rodney is, “I couldn’t have done it without you.” In particular Rodney helps you think critically and act creatively to:

  • Understand where and how your people can perform best,
  • Get the right people on the bus,
  • The right management process in place,
  • The right positioning in front of staff and customers,
  • The right data in front of management… and then
  • Make it happen while avoiding repeating the past.

Remember at the end of the day, it’s just 4% that matters most, and Rodney can help you cut through the chatter and get focused with simplicity on what’s key to be able to reach your targeted outcomes. He has worked around the world, and with a range of businesses, including companies in the top tier in the movie, oil and gas, health care and technology sectors.

“Rodney is one of the brightest guys I know and super creative in helping you see business and people options you never thought of… and is quite willing to jump in and help you get the job done.” – Marty Green, retired CEO of Stackhouse, Inc.

When you decide to work with us, you’ll find we’ve simplified how to get great results down to a number of  best practices that range from managing information to managing motivation and engagement.  In our experience, this means helping you create a new norm for performance and outcomes generated, and doing it in a way that is sustainable.  By sustainable, we mean that higher performance doesn’t have to be an unrelenting sprint, or a series of fire-fighting, or a withering schedule that you and others fulfill at the expense of personal and family life. Click here to download a Power point overview of a few of the things we emphasize in our work.

If you’ve read this far, you are:

  1. Likely interested in having things be different; to be more successful in one or more areas at work,
  2. Or have your entire work group up-level their performance and
  3. Are at one of a number of possible decision points about how and whether to proceed and what’s possible.

We find that’s a great place to start the conversation.  Our experience is that improving performance is dependent upon a dynamic of discovery that comes out of conversations and then putting what’s learned into action.

  • We invite you to move forward and take the action to schedule an introductory “Find Your 4%” call.